Kriya Yoga Greece

with Swami Shankarananda Giri


Kriya Yoga ashram, Rishikesh, India 

This unique Kriya Yoga temple, was designed and built by Swami Shankarananda. It is based on the principles of "cosmic astrology" and it was the dream of his paramguru Sri Yukteswar. 

In the circular meditation hall, there are the statues of 5 Kriya masters in real size. The domed ceiling incorporates all 12 planetary signs engraved in astrologically correct positions, the 4 major yugas and the 27 stars are depicted. The meditation hall harmonizes deep resonances and powerful vibrations enabling deep meditation. On the outside wall of the meditation hall, there are 16 caves where any disciple can use for meditation.


Retreats and Programs in Greece

Swami Shankarananda after his first visit to Greece, on November of 2008, has visited several times Thessaloniki, Athens and Pelion for giving initiations and guide programs with Kriya meditations and teachings. 

Basu is leading Kriya Hatha yoga programs every year, since 2012, in Paleros village, in the beautiful guesthouse of Antonios which offering us nutritious organic vegan food and a peaceful invironment between mountain and sea for practicing yoga and meditation. 

Per Wibe has visited several times Thessaloniki, Horto and Kalamos villages of Pelion for guiding Kriya retreats.


Events in India

Special moments with our Guruji in India. The most of the photos are from the auspicious festival of Kumbha Mela where yogis, sadhus and saints are gathering on certain dates, at the 4 specific places of Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik and Ujjain to take purifying baths in the holy waters of mother Ganga and perform pujas and meditate.


Swami Shankarananda Giri, our beloved Guruji


Educational actions in Orissa

Swami Shankarananda since 30 years, helps local people to get education and preserve their traditional culture. He has built the "Prabhujee English Medium School" in Bhubaneswar which offers education to more than 3000 students, since 1984, according to Indian government's standards. On 2002 he has opened an orphanage/school with the help of western disciples donations for the underprivileged tribal people of Baisnavjhuli which offers basic education to more than 80 children and a third school is under construction in Rairakhol. 

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